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What Do We Really Know About Neck Pain And Back Pain?

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The specific causes of neck pain, back pain are rarely identified successfully. Even with the latest technology that medical experts have available to them today, it is still a problem that is difficult to pinpoint.


Overall levels of pain experienced can vary considerably from person to person. Intense pain in the neck for some people can be sudden and severe. This is known to cause migraines and nausea. A longer duration of constant pain is termed chronic pain. This is not uncommon, and often restricts the mobility of the sufferer.

Quality of life and performance of usual activities can be seriously impacted due to constant pain in the neck and back areas. It can become debilitating over a longer period of time, causing stress for both the patient and their family.

Many different causes can produce the symptoms of neck or lower back pain. Sometimes we can feel pain in our back that is actually from another part of our body. This is known as referred pain.

Spinal nerves travel trough our spine via a spinal canal. A number of these nerves exit the spine at various points along the vertebrae. These points of exit leave the nerves vulnerable to being pinched during back movements. An example is when discs between the individual vertebrae bones move out of alignment. Deterioration of the spine due to arthritis can also cause nerve pinching.

There are a number of ways to help reduce the risk of back pain. Perhaps the most obvious is to avoid trying to lift heavy weights without using proper techniques or lifting equipment. We do know that maintaining an erect posture early on in our lives will help avoid back problems later on. Especially when working with computers.

We still have a lot more to learn. As more advanced technology becomes available, we will discover more about neck and back pain.